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Offer A Custom Look To Your Facebook page With Our Design Support

Custom Page Design with Facebook

Its advertising through Facebook, there has to be a synergy throughout all your portals. Many Facebook page designs these days have an old school page layout; it’s like using a template which has no imagination. We will make your Facebook page design authentically your own from the design to what you want people to see, because we have the necessary experience as Facebook page designer. It will be like your own website but with live users all the time. Facebook Landing Page Design can take your business a long way.

You can have your custom tabs like "About us", "Services" and "Contact". Just like your website or you can go out of the way and have tabs for different competitions, product launches and many other exciting activities to promote your brand.

These Custom Fan pages will not only extend the reach of your brand but also gives you a much intuitive channel to communicate with your fans. Facebook fan page gives your brand a personality and collaborate that with an ever-online community makes it a win-win for any business.

Facebook Microsite

Now your Facebook page can be turned into a fully functioning Microsite where you have additional content pages for your services, products, forthcomings, etc. You will be greeted with a welcome page with all the branding required for your brand and more. It’s hover-friendly, your cursor will feel alive, just like on your website.

The large graphic on the welcome page will redirect to your website on a click. A tall skyscraper styled image will flaunt your logo and other vitals while that large space on its right is the place to display your products and services in style.

You can set different themes for members and non-members which enables you to give out loyalty rewards. These themes totally change how things look urging non-members to be a part of the whole extravaganza.

Other content pages can include contact, company info and more interestingly testimonials, creating a sense of trust amongst your customers. This whole package will make a considerable difference in the manner people see your brand.

Facebook Application development

A Facebook application makes your customers interact with your brand in many number of ways. This Facebook application can designed on the lines of your website or any product or any service you offer, which makes the brand recall really strong. These applications can be turned into interactive addictive games which will make it popular and eventually it’s your brand that gets the popularity push.

Facebook applications give advanced insights into your customers, what do they like the most which gives you the edge to provide what's hot. Facebook application is one of the innovative ways to promote your brand and create its awareness. It creates a two-way communication system between you and your customers. Facebook application can not only make your products and services heard but also drive traffic to your website.

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