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Uploading your web site without SEO is a wasteful exercise

Your e-marketing endeavor will be meaningless if your web site does not have top rankings. The complex search engine software screens out the most relevant information from the sea of data in the internet. This intelligent software does this by picking up various factors such as key words, hyper links, relevancy of the up links, oldness of the site, genuineness of the content and hundreds of other factors and feeding these into algorithm. The experienced and talented SEO experts of this SEO company Kanpur design your web site incorporating all such factors arranging them in the most suitable manner and get you top ranking. Our customer focused team will work in tandem with you apprising regularly about the progresses and the expected deliverables. We will provide you ranking reports, link building profile reports and indexed page information. WE assure high traffic density to your web site which will increase sales volume significantly.

The core services of our Search Engine Optimization

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Organic Search

This is fundamental activity of SEO. It includes close interaction with your sales, marketing and IT staff for understanding your business, your competitors, target customers, future prospects, expansion plan and many more. All such factors play vital role in the web design. This will achieve, maintain as well as improve the visibility of the web site.

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On-Page SEO

Designing the on page content is the next important aspect for attracting the search engine software. Our SEO experts will arrange your contents in perfect harmony with the search engine requirements getting you top rankings.

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Link Building

The links mentioned in the web content are considered highly by the search engine algorithm. It is important to have reliable and authentic link. Unreliable hyper links get you negative points. We will help you build internal reliable links as a powerful SEO strategy in order to enhance the significance of the keywords.

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Keyword Research / Strategy

Keywords continue to be the most important SEO factor for good ranking. Our SEO experts will do extensive research on keywords in order to increase the visibility. There are many strategies for enhancing the significance of the keywords, which our team will incorporate intelligently. This will not only increase visibility but also enhance the traffic to your web site.

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Activity Reports

Transparency is our core principle. We apprise our clients continuously by submitting regular performance evaluation reports as well as expected deliverables. The other reports include traffic data, top referring keywords and full explanation of search engine optimization activities.

SEO Process

Keyword Research and Analysis

The keywords are the fundamental search points for the search engines. Lots of researches are required for selecting the right key words or key phrases for the web contents. Sometimes it requires extensive study of the target customers as to their languages, preferences, habits, tastes, favorite topics of discussion etc for arriving at the effective key words. It is important to design the key words in such a way as to be favorable and attractive for the visitors. Only this will play effectively in enhancing the traffic density of your web site.

On Page SEO Optimization

The search engine software is continuously evolving getting more intelligent with the every passing day. It now weigh the overall get up, color combinations, content reliability, reliability of up links and down links, frequency of key words, placement of the key words in the overall content of the web page and many more things. On page optimization, hence, play vital role in getting top ranking.

Technical Website Evaluation or Audit

All SEO projects are futuristic. Technical website evaluation and auditing is an important e-marketing tool, implementation of which provides your web site the requisite overview and insight towards enhancing the online visibility. The major areas covered by such audits are:
  • Issues related to web site domain
  • Website architecture
  • Issues related to web content
  • Analysis of content theme
  • Usability issues
  • Analysis of up links and inbound links
  • Navigation issues
  • Server configuration
  • Tag attribution
  • Many more
By this process all necessary alterations and strengthening of the web site are done aiming to maximize the qualified traffic to your web site.

Content Development& Marketing

Informative and relevant content which is able to convey the clear picture of the business relating itself to the keywords is essential ingredient for achieving top ranking. Our SEO experts know all the pros and cons of content design incorporating all necessary things to get top ranking in search engines. Contents are to be developed considering the features of the target customers so that such visitors get attracted to the web site. This is achieved by our dedicated team through extensive market research.

Social Engagement

The modern marketing approaches are constantly evolving making use of social media. We all know the social media attracts huge traffic of all hues. By subtly engaging with such social media it is fairly possible to divert sizable portion of visitors to the social media to your web site. Our experts will explore all the avenues of infiltrating this segment to increase your traffic density.

Off Page SEO/ Link Building

Off Page SEO includes social bookmarking, social media and link building. Our SEO experts continuously research to find other web sites that are getting good traffic and can be associated with client’s web site. Linking to such reputable web site improves ranking. This is a continuous process. Newer high quality links can be referred. Such strategic link building, off page, improves search engine rating as well as increases traffic to the client’s web site.

Local SEO Strategies

We follow Local SEO strategies for improving your search engine ranking and increasing traffic to your web site. The latest trend of the search engines is focusing on geo-location. Our strategies are claiming business on search-engine directories, claiming page on review web sites, adding local contents to the web site and adding local flair to the title of the page.

Ecommerce SEO Strategies

We also adopt E-commerce SEO strategies to make your web site search engine as well as customer friendly. The strategies can be choosing the right shopping platforms, selecting simple and relevant URL and image tagging with relevant description in the text.

Google Algorithmic Updates

The Google Algorithm is continuously being improved in order to screen the most relevant pages to its visitors. Our SEO experts keep themselves abreast with the latest developments. For example Google is now equipped to index long keyword phrases of the web sites. Our team continuously keeps track of all such innovative approaches so that the client’s web site can be put on the top of the first page of Google search engine.