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Studies have shown that more than 65% of the world population is using mobile services. Mobile has become a part and parcel of today’s life and we cannot do without it. The scope of using the mobile is broadening every day with newer ideas pouring in. The mobile is not simply a device to talk; it can now connect itself to internet, to various social media; it can send instant messages, images and videos to the friends and what not. All these have become possible due to Mobile Application Development software. This is a lucrative business possibility for mobile application development companies in Mumbai.


Many companies are eagerly waiting for the creative people who can develop mobile apps. The skill is in great demand. The new innovative idea along with the skill of mobile software development can fetch you fortune. We are IOS Application Development Company Mumbai who is experts in this field.

Mobile applications developments are based on the platforms. Android Application, iPhone, Blackberry, windows mobile, iPad and Symbian.

Developing mobile app is not at all an easy task. One has to face many challenges as well as obstacles in the process of mobile app development to the satisfaction of client requirements. In modern day business scenario it has become an absolute necessity for the upcoming business endeavors for seeking high rise positions in the business.

We are in the process of constantly upgrading ourselves and setting high level of standards in the mobile applications. Our key features:

  • Anytime Access
  • Personalization
  • Contextual Use

With years of experience in the field of mobile app development and with our impressive track records in on-time delivery of solutions, we are confident enough to assure our esteemed clients high quality of mobile applications suiting to the client requirements.

The mobile application services we offer

Mobile Application for Websites: This is offered for the organizations having their own web sites requiring them available for the mobiles too . We offer custom mobile application development software through which the users find them stay-connected with the parent web accessing all information. They are also able to commit actions through their mobiles. Yesweus is specialized in developing social networking web sites, e-commerce web sites, informational web sites and other business web sites.

Gadget for Mobile Phones: Formulation of mobile gadget is our specialty and we can build the gadget as per the client’s requirements. Our extensive experience in the field of mobile gadget has made us confident of meeting our client expectations providing quick precision results in real world scenario. Our creative and innovative designers and developers are able to offer engrossingly engaging games and various entertainment apps that are based on varying things to the audiences all over the world.

Corporate Solutions: Communication with the operators in the fields and in the sites has attained significance in the backdrop of outsourcing as the economic compulsion of the present era. For staying at par with the competitors this mobile application is now a must for the corporate. We have in our design suitable software solution that would match with the client’s software system and will reveal as much information as our client desires to their on-site operators. Management of activities, processing of orders, critical business processes and analysis sectors are the areas where we have successfully worked in the arena of corporate business.

Capabilities of Yesweus: After mustering the mobile app technology we are now able to extract its full potentials and offer you exceptional solutions. Our exact capabilities can be gauged from the information below giving the tools, programming language and the tools that are used for achieving the exact solution in each platform.

This open source mobile application platform offers superior levels of flexibility as well as opportunities for both the developers and the users.
Tools Eclipse
Technologies Android SDK, Android Native Development Kit (NDK), Android DT (ADT)
Languages Java, C/C++, XML
iOS / iPhone / iPad
iPhones are quite popular with the mobile users today. Sizable portion of smartphone is dedicated to iPhone and iPad devices.
Tools Xcode
Technologies iPhone SDK, Cocoa Touch
Languages Objective-C


Windows Mobile
The Windows mobile operating system is a Microsoft product that provides users with looks and functionalities similar to a desktop version of windows.
Tools MS Visual Studio
Technologies .NET Compact Framework
Languages C++, C#, Visual Basic
Windows Phone 7
Windows Phone 7 is the able successor of Windows mobile platform. Consumer market is their playing field instead of enterprises.
Tools MS Visual Studio
Technologies .NET Compact Framework, Silverlight, XNA
Languages C#


Blackberry smartphones  is designed to work for giving complete solution to users. It functions like digital assistant equipped with internet, media players, gaming and much more.
Tools BlackBerry Java DE, Eclipse, BlackBerry Theme Studio
Technologies Java ME, BlackBerry SDK
Languages Java
Mobile optimized web applications
Web applications have been optimized for use in normal mobiles for the advantage of the owners of normal mobile phone owners. These are known as Mobile Optimized Web Applications.
Tools Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse, Idea, RubyMind, Adobe Flash
Technologies Flash, Silverlight, ASP.NET, PHP, RubyOnRails, AJAX
Languages HTML5 / CSS, JavaScript, C#, PHP, Ruby

We at Yesweus Technologies try to give our best efforts for serving our clients with the best solutions through the innovation of mobile applications that are very cost effective and compatible to cross platform compatibility.