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There was a time when large traffic was drawn to the search engines. But after the advent of social media the scenario has totally changed. Huge traffic is attracted by various social media which remains untapped for e-marketing purposes. We as Social Media Marketing Company, have the expertise to reach the millions of users of different social media using Social Media Optimization techniques.

The various social media networking applications are Twitter.com, Facebook.com, Blogger.com, Linkeden.com, youtube.com etc.

The strategy adopted in SMO is to outline clearly the target audience. Instead of approaching large audience haphazardly our approach is methodical aiming at reaching to the real connects.

Another strategy is to achieve two way connect. We tend to generate an active and regular participation in activities of social sites so that we can be reciprocated with favors.

The craze about the social media is unprecedented and it is going to increase in coming days. Exploiting this traffic in the interest of e-marketing is therefore crucial for successful business.

Facebook happens to be the largest with maximum visitors. It has become a fiercely competitive social marketing tool. Study shows that about 3.2 billion items are liked every day. This powerful mode of advertising campaign can provide as much as five fold return on investment. Facebook is having 47% trust rate. This tool with customer respect can be effectively used for marketing. Strategies used are word of mouth ad, targeting keyword interest, group targeting, click based ad etc.

Twitter is considered to be the fastest growing and widely visited social media. It has 135,000 new sign up each day. Each second about 9000 tweets are made. Total number of users surpasses 554,750,000. E-marketing through twitter has the following advantages. It has no investment, can be used as information channel, creates strong customer bond, access to new clients, provides link to other websites, uses Hashtags etc.

We use various techniques as well as tricks for getting you ultimate business through twitter.

The special feature of linkedin is that the users here are connected centering round their professional interests. It has 135 million members who are spread over 200 countries. We use this huge traffic for enhancing the customer base of the clients. Personal recommendation from reliable member about the client’s business is a good way of millions of views. For being more visible it is possible to create page for the client business. Linkedin is also used to find the strategies of the competitors and use the same for the advantage of our clients. It is also a powerful SEO tool getting top notches in the search engines.

Youtube has huge traffic who mainly visits the social media for entertainment. We create entertaining video promoting our business. The advantage of youtube marketing are:

  • Video can easily be uploaded in youtube for free
  • No need to store, can directly be hosted through this social media
  • It accelerates the broadcasting and help the video to reach enormous crowd

Google+ is the other social media which is owned and operated by the giant search engine Googe. The number of active users of Google+ is staggering 343 million. Getting followers, positive reviews by followers, track user engagement, using Maps and Search for quickly connecting with the customers, getting insights of the customers etc are the strategies that we follow for expanding e-market presence through Google+.

Pinterest again has more than 70 million users. Top popular categories are design, hair, beauty, crafts, fashion, fitness, travel, pets, kids, home décor, food etc. It is possible to upload interesting photos in Pinterest. But E-marketing has to be done intelligently. Any silly mistake can be disastrous. Our experts shall exploit Pinterset with precision to your advantage.